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KOOLA is a space where creativity is inclusive and boundless. Whether you're an emerging artist, an enthusiastic novice, or simply an appreciator of beauty looking for a new creative inspiration, our community welcomes You.

We offer art courses for all and free resources for emerging artists.


We offer private art workshops with personalized guidance, tailored to your skill level and aspirations.

We provide all the tools and materials need, all you need to do is come and paint!

Workshops can be organized in our space the center of Helsinki or in other location of your choosing.

Whether you are looking for a memorable program for a bachelorette party celebrations, birthday festivities, work event or just want to have some fun with your friends, a private art workshop will give you long lasting memories and a unique art piece you made to take home with you as a memory.

No art experience needed—just bring your creativity and let the party begin! Get in touch and let’s plan a perfect event for you!

Interested? Send us an email or contact us here.


Our FREE resource libarary for emerging artists is opening soon!

Join our mailing list to get access as soon as we open. No spam, we will only send you a reminder when the library opens.


Drop us a line at koolartspace@gmail.com

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